Thursday, December 07, 2006


I got this in the mail today and when I read it all I could say was "DUH"

Subject: Measuring brains in the White House

OK, so I'm not passing this on for the political content but because since you know your IQ, you might find it interesting/amusing

A scholarly study worth noting....but doesn't it seem to confirm what we all suspect?
Presidential IQs:

A report published Monday, by the Lovenstein Institute of Scranton, Pennsylvania, detailed its findings of a four month study of the intelligence quotient of President George W. Bush. Since 1973, the Lovenstein Institute has published its research to the educational community on each new president, which includes the famous "IQ"report among others.

There have been twelve presidents over the past 50 years, from F.D. Roosevelt to G.W. Bush, who were rated based on scholarly achievements:

1. Writings that they produced without aid of staff.
2. Their ability to speak with clarity, and several other psychological factors, which were then scored using the Swanson/Crain System of intelligence ranking.
The study determined the following IQ s of each president as accurate to within five percentage points. In order chronologically by presidential term:

Franklin Delano Roosevelt [D] 142,
Harry S Truman [D] 132,
Dwight David Eisenhower [R] 122
John Fitzgerald Kennedy [D] 174,
Lyndon Baines Johnson [D] 126,
Richard Milhous Nixon [R] 155,
Gerald R. Ford [R] 121,
James Earle Carter [D] 175,
Ronald Wilson Reagan [R] 105
George Herbert Walker Bush [R] 98,
William Jefferson Clinton [D] 182,
George Walker Bush [R] 91 **

In order of IQ rating:

182 . . William Jefferson Clinton [D]
175 . . James Earle Carter [D]
174 . . John Fitzgerald Kennedy [D]
155 . . Richard Milhous Nixon [R]
147 . . Franklin Delano Roosevelt [D]
132 . . Harry S Truman [D]
126 . . Lyndon Baines Johnson [D]
122 . . Dwight David Eisenhower [R]
121 . . Gerald R. Ford [R]
105 . . Ronald Wilson Reagan [R]
098 . . George Herbert Walker Bush [R]
091 . . George Walker Bush [R]

The six Republican presidents of the past 50 years had an average IQ of 115.5, with President Nixon having the highest at 155. President George W. Bush rated the lowest of all the Republicans with an IQ of 91.
The six Democratic presidents of the past 50 years had an average IQ of 156, with President Clinton having the highest IQ, at 182. President Lyndon B. Johnson was rated the lowest of all the Democrats with an IQ of 126. No president other than Carter [D] has released his actual IQ (176). Note the institute measured him at 175. Among comments made concerning the specific testing of President G.W. Bush, his low ratings are due to his apparently difficult command of the English language in public statements, his limited use of vocabulary [6,500 words for Bush versus an average of 11,000 words for other presidents], his lack of scholarly achievements other than a basic MBA, and an absence of any body of work which could be studied on an intellectual basis.
The complete report documents the methods and procedures used to arrive at these ratings, including depth of sentence structure and voice stress confidence analysis.
"All the Presidents prior to George W. Bush had a least one book under their belt, and most had written several white papers during their education or early careers. Not so with President Bush," Dr. Lovenstein said. "He has no published works or writings, which made it more difficult to arrive at an assessment. We relied more heavily on transcripts of his unscripted public speaking."
The Lovenstein Institute of Scranton, Pennsylvania think tank includes high caliber historians, psychiatrists, sociologists, scientists in human behavior, and psychologists. Among their ranks are Dr. Werner R. Lovenstein, world-renowned sociologist, and Professor Patricia F. Dilliams, a world-respected psychiatrist For more information on the
Lovenstein Institute, go to

Monday, December 04, 2006


You could say I made a withdrawal from this space months ago. I withdrew into myself by not posting here since May. Or was it that I by not posting here, I was rejecting my true self and withdrawing into something else. I haven’t had time. Too much shit to deal with. I don’t have anything to say. All lame excuses from a man who at one time cornered the market on them. I’m suffering from (the) withdrawal. Withdrawal from life. Withdrawal from The Wire. Rest in peace young Preston. Keep your head up Malik. I remember about a year and a half ago I was talking to corey at and he was like myself suffering from Wire withdrawal. He didn’t see the need for a fourth season and strongly doubted it would ever happen. He felt that the story was exhausted and would prove boring even if HBO was misguided enough to waste resources on another season. I knew that it had to continue and had to go on because it was too good and too important not to. I argued that the case could be made for at least two more seasons and my man just couldn’t see it. I think he probably can now.

Watching this season of The Wire was different than other seasons because I saw myself more this season. Michael, Dukie, Namond and Randy play better mirrors for me than Avon, Stringer, Marlo or Omar ever could. I’ve felt the teenage rage of Michael. I’ve felt the ostracization that Dukie feels. I’ve questioned my toughness like Namond. I’ve sought to be legally enterprising like Randy, (but I never snitched though). I could see more compassion in these characters than previously on the show and it was interesting to see how the show handled the surrender of that compassion to survival, both on the streets and at City Hall.

Friday, May 26, 2006


I bought sanitary napkins for my daughter yesterday!!!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

My Weekend

My sister graduated with her Masters of Science from Trinity University this weekend. We partied on Saturday and she walked on Sunday. Trinity is a Catholic university for women (with men being allowed to study in the School of Education where my sister graduated). Being a Catholic University the president shocked me a little by talking about a revolution of the mind and the illegalities perpetrated by the current White House. I am extremely proud of her accomplishment. My brother and I were tagged literally as the “smart” ones of the family as early on we were accepted into the Talented And Gifted, or TAG program in our schools. From second and third grade on through high school my brother and I stayed in the accelerated curriculum and later took AP courses. We both flunked out of college. I did so rather mercurially as my second semester at Adrian College in Adrian, MI yielded a .04 grade point average. I flunked every class I took that semester and the .04 was a result of my participation in a theater production I was part of. My brother took a different route more along the lines of my father (who did graduate eventually and did go back many years later and get his masters) in that he was the BMOC. He was the president of the student union and pledged Alpha early on. He survived a little bit longer than I did, but between pledging new recruits all over the eastern seaboard, and interviewing several candidates vying for the position of Mrs. King he soon fell as well and entered the work force with no inclination of going back to school much like his big brother.

My sister was always a “good” student. Above average but nothing spectacular. Slow and steady she continues to run the race and it is definitely working for her. We partied like it was 1999 Saturday night and coincidently my “new” sister (brother’s wife) gifted me with something I’d never thought I’d possess. She gave me a copy of Prince’s latest CD 3121. It’s a very special copy in that Prince himself gave this copy to Ananda Lewis personally who gave it to my brother who gave it to his wife who gave it to me. It has Prince’s own scrawling on it where he circled #4 (Black Sweat) and #8 (Fury). It’s strange having a “new” sister especially since I know the old one so well and this one I’m just beginning to learn through my brother. They aren’t as different as I imagined them to be but they are definitely not the same. My real sister would NEVER do anything quite as grand as this for me but who knows maybe she’s already done more for me than I could ever imagine. My brother “said” he’s considering going back to school. I’m thinking about it ;-)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Gotcha Ya Varmint!

The Gimme A Break Award for your pre-Mother’s day pleasure goes to…….
Frederick County, Maryland. In this land of “Law and Order”, it is not hard to see how a “Police State” mentality is sure to erupt in our midst replete with snooping and electronic surveillance by civic minded amateurs who get so caught up in duty that they are bound to be as inept as their professional counterpart. A dude takes a nap in his car (30 minutes tops) and the next thing he knows three FBI agents are questioning him because he happens to live at an address that registered sex offender USED top live. The “Neighborhood Watch” ran his license plate during his ill fated nap called the police and found that it was registered to this poor unfortunate fellow at the same address as a registered sex offender whose residency information had not been updated yet as he no longer resided there. Super Civilian then sent the pariah of the internet: the urgent warning chain letter and stated "He [sex offender] is most likely living with and borrowing this car from [innocent man]," the e-mail said. "Please pass on this e-mail to as many people as you know in this neighborhood."

Now words are very important to me. Important enough to know that “is most likely living with a and borrowing this car..” is irresponsible, dangerous and if I had anything to do with it criminal. Those few words cost dude his standing, his girlfriend and potentially his job and when he asked the Feds what he could do to clear his name. Do you know what our Federal government told him? “They said the best bet is to leave the area.” Now because some nosy neighbor is doing hard-line detective work and irresponsibly disseminating untruths, I have to “leave”? Bullshit.

I guess maybe I should say that my feelings on the sex offender registry are a bit jaded if not mixed. You see I just actually looked at it for the first time a few months ago and as I suspected the area my mother, sister, and daughter live in is peppered with sex offenders of varying degrees. As I’m sure it is by other criminal elements that are deemed not worthy enough to warrant their own registry. I’m not saying we don’t need a sex registry but I definitely don’t say we need one, but if we do why stop there? What about an embezzlement registry so that I know that nice white haired gentleman down the street who used to work for some company named Enron probably wouldn’t be best served as the treasurer of my PTA (or for any position actually). What if OJ was on a domestic violence registry do you think Nicole’s family would have approved of them being together in the first place. I think if you blatantly lie to your constituents as an elected officials and that lie results in thousands of American deaths then you lie based on that lie and go to war then you should be registered. Go head and check my phones on that!

Happy Mother’s Day All! I love you all.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

All Ears

Okay help me out folks. I truly need it. There can't be ANY possible way to send out close to a hundred applications and resumes' in two weeks (not to mention the hundreds more in the past 2 1/2 years) and not recieve one damn response (well ok that one letter where I hand delivered and requested a reciept). Can that be? Maybe it's me. Maybe it's my qualifications. Maybe I AM on a list or two. Maybe it's my stubborn stupidity not to put in consideration $8/hr based solely on the fact that my last job had the supreme wisdom to pay me over $27/hr and I didn't think that was enough. Maybe the verbage in my resume' is doing me in. Maybe there are errors and ommissions or oversights that I can't see that need correcting. Maybe I just don't get it (or won't get it as it pertains to a job). Maybe I need to gear up for the serious homeless bum phase (I've dabbled in this before) of my life travels and I'll gain some valuable information that will help me later on. Whatever the case may be I ain't to proud to beg.... or at least ask. And I ask you. All 3 of you who may be reading this. What the hell may I be doing wrong. You got jobs. Don't you? Did you settle? Did you get what you want? Did you write your own resume or did you hire a professional. Should I embellish? Should I tone down existing embelishments? What should I do. Could you help a black man out here? Below is a copy of the resume that I send out nine times out of ten and haven't recieved feedback on 1 times out of 20. What am I doing wrong people. I'm all ears.

Makalani King
69 Somewhere St
Indahood, MD 20000
(202) NEE-DJOB

OBJECTIVE: To utilize my communication and quickly adaptable technical skill sets to further the efficiency of my workplace and improve myself.


11/2004 – Present Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage/Exit First Realty Bowie, MD
Real Estate Assistant/Licensed Salesperson
Initially started working as personal assistant to Associate Broker with Coldwell Banker. Responsible for assistance in the day to day non-licensed duties of the Associate Broker. Licensed to sell real estate in MD in March, 2005. Preparing market analyses for prospective buyers and sellers of residential real estate in MD and providing fiduciary responsibilities to my clients.

3/2001 – Present Know Name Video Atlanta, GA - Washington, D.C.
Video Producer (Self Employed)
Built video production company from the ground up. Shooting, Editing, and Authoring digital video projects for personal and client based projects. Infomercials, Weddings, Family Reunions.

5/2000 - 2/2004 Verizon Advanced Data, Inc. Largo, MD
Central Office Technician
Provided Tier II network data support for Verizon and their wholesale partners.
Conducted technical, operational, and maintenance requests for DSL subscribers.
Performed coordination and testing functions associated with WIFI networks.
Analyzed systems faults and corrected failures to meet system usability and reliability standards.
Tracked and Reviewed system logs, reports and traffic measurements.
Interfaced with Vendors, Carriers, and Field technicians to ensure quick problem resolution.
Mentored associates on the utilization of server-based applications and testing procedures for maintenance and provisioning process maintain the standard integrity of DSL circuits for residential and business customers from New York to Virginia.
Utilize core Verizon systems, as well as independent vendor products, to determine work flow and ensure work is completed in a timely manner.
Work with end user to do at home troubleshooting and follow up.

4/1998 - 5/2000 Bell Atlantic/Verizon Silver Spring, MD
Service Representative
Coordinated wholesale services between Bell Atlantic and Certified Local Exchange Carriers
Consulted with intra-company departments and business associates to resolve client escalations
Compiled and input Reseller inquiries via GUI for new and existing telecom customers
Generated Resale, Unbundled, and Platform service orders
Processed complex CLEC requests for Centrex, PBX, ISDN circuits
Responded promptly to deadlines to meet company & FCC requirements.
Processed residential orders for CLECs resale and unbundled elements.
Trained in Pennsylvania SOP, and went on to learn MD/DC/VA SOP.
Initiated business trip to Pittsburgh for more intensive training for my team as an associate. Maintained customer contact in order to facilitate proper order flow.

12/1996 - 5/1998 Tru-Green/Chemlawn Bowie, MD
Sales Representative
Spent the first part of split shift day running leads and giving estimates on lawn care services for residences in southern Maryland. The second part of split shift was dedicated to phone pitching potential customers as well as maintaining contact with existing customers, issue assuming and addressing their concerns. Was in the regional top 50 in sales for several weeks as I was one of the top sales representatives in the office.

10/1994 – 7/1996 Community Services of MD Laurel, MD
On Call Counselor/House Counselor
Provided direct care for mentally challenged adults in various group homes in and around Laurel. Helped implement and amend Behavior Management Plans, administered medications (certified), cooked, cleaned and kept daily logs of clients’ activities, progress and achievements.

EDUCATION: Adrian College 1989-1990
Prince Georges Community College 1991-1992

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Man has shut me down.

We apologize, but your account is temporarily unavailable. This delay does not affect the entire site or result from any problem specific with your account however the server that holds your account information is temporarily unavailable. We do not expect this delay to last much longer, so please continue to check our site for your account status.
We will do our best to make your account available as quickly as possible. We appreciate your support, and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Do you think it was something I said?
Is this why I can't get a job?
Have I spilled too much information that is too close to truths that some people would just as soon see buried?
Is it because I sent way too many copies of my resume and applications for employment for jobs that I'm immenently qualified for yesterday (35)and yet have no earthly reason to expect ANY response from them as I have not in the past two years? My email address is on my resume'. My email address is associated to this and my previous blog over at duns. Is there anyone else on the planet with my qualifications, albeit meager, that can put out on average 40-50 applications and resume' submissions and get ONE call in two years? I know! I don't have a college degree! That's it. Got to be right? Let me pull my resume' up so I can show you what I mean. I'm at the library right now so let me pull it up off the storage on my hotmail account..... Shit! That's right. That "server" is temporarily unavailable as some suit is probably filing through every email I've ever sent or recieved. Checking databases for cross references between Mak and my government name which some might find so humorous as not to believe so I won't bore you with it now. McCarthy is alive and well in 2006 and his list is digitized with broader strokes making it easier for a black man to be black listed for one reason or another. I'm not a felon. I don't owe any back taxes. I finally paid off my student loans. But dammit I think Bush, Cheney and them are hypocritical, power and money mongering liars and I have not hesitated to say so over and over again for the better part of 5 years. Two of those years I was employed. I left my job of my own free will and volition. I've been agressively seeking employment for over two years and have been on exactly one interview. It was for a Pet Portal company that I found on Apparently they didn't get the deny Mak memo until after I had a strong interview because every indication I had on the interview was everything was all good and that they'd call me ONE WAY OR ANOTHER in a couple of days. A couple of days passed and no call so I called them. Another call was promised in a couple of days ONE WAY OR ANOTHER and never came. Then a week went through with me calling in everyday only to get told that the person I was trying to reach was never available. Finally after almost three weeks (and two months of no green trying to be pure for any "tests") I get a fucking EMAIL telling me they decided to go with a different candidate. I can't help but think that some punk ass in some ugly ass building is monitoring everything I say and holding it against me in a court of public opinion. Well here's what I have to say about that. Maybe it has become time for THIS black man will pick up his pistol. You know the one. I wrote about it's purchase in 2001. Rockerfeller did it. Kennedy did it. James and Younger did it. Mak needs to make his mark now.
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